Monday, December 21, 2015

The Dilemma of Every Student Ever

Ok, so now I have finally realized that not all subjects give me a headache and let's narrow it down even more that in the subjects that do give me a headache there are only certain chapters which I find completely pointless. But as a student it is my birthright to criticize the present educational system. 

History: Why are we being taught about the stupid decisions of long dead people. It's not I can use necromancy to call on their souls and then destroy them as a way to avenge my ancestors. 

Physics : Apart from teaching about friction and gravity there is absolutely nothing useful taught in this subject. The whole thing is based on assumption and estimation.There is hardly any fact involved and that is the only reason I get ticked off. 

Biology: You teach me my body's working and structure fine great. You teach me the diseases that affect me and the cures fantastic. But what is the point of teaching me the anatomy of a frog or cockroach and all the the creepy crawlers  when the first thing that I will do is reach for my slipper to hit it than identify whether it's a parasite or worm and which minuscule body part is which. 

Maths : Don't even get me started on the x's and y's and all the roots and squares. There will be a single sad and pathetic chapter that deals with real everyday maths and the rest is nonsense which will never help me. 

Well I can go on and on about the cons of the subjects but my thumbs have started aching typing constantly on my phone while I am stuck in an awkward family lunch. Byeeee !!


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