Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nothing But School : ( sigh ) :

You how they say when you really want something and are ready to do anything to achieve it ( morally right things, of course) nothing in the this universe can stop you...........…… Well I beg to differ cause The only thing I've been to get this week is some me time to find the sarcastic troublemaker in me but every time I try that something or the other comes up and the irony is the we have had holidays, ok, fine, I admit these are preparatory holidays for exams but even then I have been soooooo busy that I wasn't able to update for such a long time but so many times I was busy with stuff that wasn't related school and then I thought that it would be impractical now and hence once our finals are over I would relax and do lazy stuff. Buuuuuuut then I realised that my 10 measly holidays are already planned and while quite a lot of it is fun stuff but it's the fun you have with other people actual human beings and not the put up loud inappropriate music and scream and jump along with it while the food keeps coming in just because you want. And even now the only evil I can find is SCHOOL  SCHOOL and SCHOOL. And only because while I studying stuff out of which 60% I will forget after the horrific 3 hr paper I could definitely do something else. So I would like to end in a very classy way by saying CURSE YOU EXAMS or SCHOOL ( both are stupid).     

Friday, February 19, 2016

The BFF Code

All best friends follow certain rules which make their friendship unique. And of course there are consequences ( which can be good or.....we don't wanna go there ). 

So Here it is THE BFF CODE ...............

• Tell each other everything. Whether immediately or eventually. 
• Share everything ( gossip, makeup, clothes, playstations, star crushes and what not ). But most importantly share food ( the real, unhealthy one ). You also have the right to use their stuff without permission. 
• Cuss words show your love one another. 
• you are the only person who is allowed to insult them ( apart from family of course... your bff's family are your team mates when it comes to pulling their leg ) and you have full right to eliminate competition. 
• Inside jokes are not to be forgotten. Whenever and wherever they come up, it is mandatory for the said BFF's to share a glance and a laugh, no matter how old the joke may be. 
• It is  absolutely necessary to get together in holidays at least twice ( no excuses ). 
• You have the right to act inappropriately in front of them and crack the lamest jokes of all time  without being judged. 
• You are the one responsible to uplift their mood after they are sad or star in fiascos.  
• If they are being mean without any reason, you have the right to confront them and tell them off. 

( these are all the rules in my mind and if you can think up of one do let me know ) 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Game Night

"Hey it's my turn"
"You idiot read the instructions"
"Can we please behave like human beings"
"You seriously don't remember how to play this"
"Oh what a felony I have committed, someone please hang me for not remembering the rules" 
Ah! The joys of another family game knight, with a hyper younger sister, a short tempered mom, a sticler for rules dad and a moody me. But the game we had to choose was life which is like monoply but a heck lot more personal. These were just some of the eloquent comments my family and I passed. But some how I don't think the game would have been that fun had we not been screaming and shouting like it was the battle of sparta rather than a game of life. But hands down I have to admit that the most hilarious part of the night was watching my parents call each other cheaters and show tongues to each other with eyes shut, fingers in their earswill the alternated in poking their tongues and singing 'nanana' like 4 year olds and not soon to be 40 year olds. I'm pretty sure me and my sister were even worse but somehow that makes it all the more fun. Don't you think????