Monday, June 22, 2015

The Great Indian Garam Masala 😝

Just so you know this is not a culinary entry. I am a gastronomical disaster. But about Indian families which are even more diverse than Garam Masala which is also the offspring of numerous spices. 
Now I may or may not know about other families today , but people I know will agree to having crazy family roots.  And those roots make for a heck of a reunion, which held almost every 2 months. But whether one has a big family or a small one every one will agree to have these certain types of relatives. 

The Know-It-All : this is the type of relative , who feels the need to give their opinion to anyone and everyone and won't rest till the work is carried out in the same way. This is mostly an elder relative like grand parents or nosy uncle and aunts. 

The Perfect Pooper : this person over here is the kind of cousin who is uno perfecto in everything, the way they they do stuff is also peeeeerfect , the adults make it seem as this person's poop too is perfect and deserves to be preserved in the national museum. 

• The Mirror Mirror I am the Fairest
 of All : this is the type of relative who literally worship themselves and also put other down with snide comments. For example " Darling don't you use a facewash , I mean look at all the acne , you should also start using the facewash by forest essentials and your skin will also hopefully glow like mine ."  Excusez moi lady until unless I ask for your opinion don't give it to me please go back to  admiring your ugly personality in that mirror and leave me alone !!!!!

The Not A Stranger: this is the relative whom you last met ...... when you were a baby , and hence they become strangers yet you can't say that you don't remember them 'cause it's impolite and rude and hence you pretend to know them until.  

It would probably take me eons to describe each and every relative of mine and hence I am going to take my leave now. But don't worry I promise I'll put up another installment of this in the near future. Ciao and until then over and out. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm Not Lazy ...... I'm Just Saving My Energy💪

Being a teenager is super exhausting. Period. And hence I feel that you really can't blame us for being , let's say a bit...slow. And I completely agree that there is no excuse for LAZINESS .... But if you find one please let me know. And here are what I think honestly genuine reasons for us being prone to laziness ( or as I like to call it,'on the energy saving mode '). 

Just Kidding there actually is no reason behind it except for the fact that we don't really have an urge to do stuff. But sometimes I feel that it is sorta justified eg. After long tiring week or during summer vacation (any vacation for that matter). And guys this is the same reason behind my remaining AWOL for so long. 

While we may debate on whether being lazy is good or not. None of us will disagree that once in a while it is a really great feeling. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Heeelp I've Been Diagnosed With FGDS !!

Before you tell that such a disease does not exist, chances are most you have it. FGDS or 
Fan Girl/Boy Disorder Syndrome is very lethal. Hence following the basic protocol of 'Prevention is Better than Cure💉 ' here are some signs by none other than Dr. Seher ( a recovering specialist on the FGDS ). 

This is a very common disease in today's generation,especially teenagers. 
This syndrome is mainly caused by general everyday stuff such as books, solo and group artists, TV series and movies. It is yet not sure if any other things trigger this disorder. 

The infected people or Fan Girl/ Boy (s) have proved to be more dangerous to fellow humans than themselves. 

Here are some symptoms shown in different cases: 

Although this case study specifies books , a similar pattern is shown under the influence of TV series and movies. 

In the case of musicians, the patient first shows an acute interest the songs and more importantly THE LOOKS OF THE SINGER(S). Then shows slight to extreme obsession in each and every movement of the artist. 

Dr. Seher advices all people acquainted with those suffering from the disease to approach them with EXTREME CAUTION !!

Dr. Seher is currently researching more on the same. But until now no cure has been procured. (And she secretly hopes that no cure is found😆. )