Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For The Love Of God...Just Shut Up !!!

Often throughout life there are moments when people should just SHUT THE HELL UP. Annnnd especially when you're teen , people don't really know how to have a nice, normal conversation with us. Almost every single conversation is exactly the same , it's extremely pathetic. I mean just because you don't really get us doesn't mean you embarass yourself unnecessarily. By the time I'm done having 'normal' conversation's with an an adult I feel as if I lost 5kg's by just rolling my eyes.  So here are some conversation starters  I feel are hated by teenagers ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!

• Sooo do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend???

•how was your annual result??? I'm pretty sure that an intelligent girl/boy like you must have come first. 

• You're in ninth grade!!!! Oh! My , you're big girl/boy. 

• Do you like Harry Styles??? No that's funny.  So then who do you like then ???

• Darling you are great with kids. Here take care of my son/daughter. 

I mean hello !!! This is my life you have no right to comment,judge or put me in uncomfortable situations. And if you have no idea what social etiquettes are then don't talk to me. 
Is that so hard to comprehend??? 

I am pretty sure that the rest of you too can easily relate to these situations. And make sure to tell me if I missed an other situation. 
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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Fools Guide To One Direction

Yes ! One Direction happens to be one of my favorite band and I like there songs. Nothing wrong all you 1D haters. Although I am not one of those crazy , way too obsessed fans whole start a hate campaign against anyone who doesn't like 1D. But I do admit that the boys are great and Zayn leaving the band may have shook me.  So here are 5 reasons why 1D is awesome :
• The boys are hot and cute at the same time. ( do you have any idea how hard that is. ) 

• They all have great voices. ( I mean for me they are as good as the earlier boybands. For me that is.) 

• Their antics are just soo sweet.( their personalities remind me of care bears. Is that weird or normal ? )

• did I mention that they are HOT ???

• they have cast a spell on me and light up my world like nobody else ( fellow fangirls applaud. ) 

• Bonus reason: ) 
They are proof that dreams do come true.  They started as normal teenagers on a reality show and are today A WORLD WIDE SENSATION!!!! 

And if this doesn't convince you. ( just remember they are HOT and CUTE ; ) 

Reminder: these are purely my views so no hating. But if you agree, don't forget to comment. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Long Time No See

Sooo I haven't exactly been regular in updating but it exactly wasn't even my fault since I had my FINAL EXAMS. You read it right and like I told in one of my earlier entries me and exams don't exactly get along. But the main reason due to which I couldn't grace all of you with my awesome words is that I felt lazy. You read it right. But you have to give me some credit for admitting.  Since most of us can't even do that. Also you guys should thank Momster since her constant nagging finally got to me. Although I was off the grid for so long nothing even remotely awesome happened. Apart from awesome books annnnd , well that's about it. Being the geek I am most of my time is spent fangirling and joining new fandoms on Pint and quoting momster, 'wasting precious time '. This basically sums up my absence from the blog. So see you next time or more fitting write to you next time.  
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