Monday, April 13, 2015

A Fools Guide To One Direction

Yes ! One Direction happens to be one of my favorite band and I like there songs. Nothing wrong all you 1D haters. Although I am not one of those crazy , way too obsessed fans whole start a hate campaign against anyone who doesn't like 1D. But I do admit that the boys are great and Zayn leaving the band may have shook me.  So here are 5 reasons why 1D is awesome :
• The boys are hot and cute at the same time. ( do you have any idea how hard that is. ) 

• They all have great voices. ( I mean for me they are as good as the earlier boybands. For me that is.) 

• Their antics are just soo sweet.( their personalities remind me of care bears. Is that weird or normal ? )

• did I mention that they are HOT ???

• they have cast a spell on me and light up my world like nobody else ( fellow fangirls applaud. ) 

• Bonus reason: ) 
They are proof that dreams do come true.  They started as normal teenagers on a reality show and are today A WORLD WIDE SENSATION!!!! 

And if this doesn't convince you. ( just remember they are HOT and CUTE ; ) 

Reminder: these are purely my views so no hating. But if you agree, don't forget to comment. 


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