Monday, April 25, 2016

BF and BF

No matter how much we have progressed and brought about a change in the world, it's thought process and how it functions, the only thing that hasn't  changed is the immediate assumption that comes to ones mind when they see a girl and a guy together who are not related by blood... The first thing that comes to ones mind is, 'Are they together ?'. 

It's like there can be no other situation (applies more specifically to teenagers) in which two teens of the opposite genders can exist in the same perimeter. 

But you are pathetic if you say that the person is like your brother/sister for you can't handle being friends. 

At least that is what society today thinks (most of it, anyways). 

Like excuse me who are you to tell me how I tag my relationships. My BF, BF and BFF are my business so........

But not forgetting the silver line, its quite amusing to sit with your friends and the laugh your ass of when they get you get to know that two of the gang were getting paired up. 
Like why the hell would you pair me up with someone who I insult, hit and ask favours from all the time ??? 

And if certain people do accept that you and your brofriend have a platonic relationship they are often shocked to know the sort of shit you talk about. 
Like excuse me, he is my friend we are supposed to talk about all sorts of shit. That is one part of being friends. 

So this is a message to all those people who are suspicious of girls and guys who have a platonic relationship. It's completely normal. 

And here's to girls with bro friends, best friends , guy friends and who have or will have in some cases boyfriends. Let's not forget the girl besties. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Maturity and Me.

The first thing one gets when they hit their teens is a sense of independence. Whether it's choosing your bed time and chores or maybe an increased pocket money or something, anything. It's sort like a ritual you follow before your descent into teenage-hood. But what did I get a lecture on how it's high time and my maturity ( mentally ) is the need of the hour. All the people who gave it to me made it sound like the solution to all the problems of the world would be me getting mature. 

But I am punjabi by blood or you could say that I belong to that race of human beings who are more stubborn than a mule. And I decided to play this game by my own rules. So if you guys guessed it great and if you didn't well here's the thing, I decided that maturity is a big non no for me. And let me tell you it is an epic decision. 

 Maturity is the job of adults. For teens it's like a part time job, required partially only at certain times. Rest of the time we are supposed to be teens, confused by all the changes occur within us and around us. 

And the only way to escape this trap is to use the stories your parents tell you about their teen years. 

So remember the next time someone tells you to mature just show 'em your tongue and stop theirs from moving. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hip Hip Hurray !!

Guys I am sooooooo sorry for not updating but I have had a hectic few days. But now I finally have 3 holidays because of three important days all falling together, oh the joys of staying in India. 
It's like weekends hold almost nil importance for kids especially of our school because 99.9% of the time we have full working days on Saturdays as well. But almost every month some festival or important day comes up which calls for a holiday. And for lazy procrastinators like me it is a really nice thing. For its those days most overdue assignments are completed. And today is such a day that since tomorrow is a holiday I am finally updating ( which was most definitely overdue ). But I had done some interesting assignments but our teacher hasn't returned them, but hopefully tomorrow I will have something interesting to tell. But until then 3 cheers for Indian heritage and all the holidays it brings.