Wednesday, May 18, 2016


 "Girls and women are  superheroes, because only they can bleed for a week and not die" 
                          - Random Totally True 
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Periods are literal pain....everywhere. 
It's like your hormones become your enemies, take over your body and make you do stupid stuff. The first person is who you really are. And the other is is hormonal bitch with more brine than the oceans of the world, which overflows constantly like angel falls from your eyes. 

'Ouch!!!!! I just want to be a guy' 
'Guys don't know shit about pain'
'Guys got off way too easy' 
..........And million other such thoughts definitely cross every girls mind when they are going through the sensation of being gutted by a knife Jack The Ripper style aka PERIOD CRAMPS. 
Like if you want me dead at least do it quickly. The sensation is something that you would get on the roller coaster of doom in an amusement park from hell. 

Moving on to the GRAND FINALE!!....... I present before you BLEEDING. It's like the icing on the top of a yuck-muck cake. It's like our blood has a mind of its own and is our mortal enemy. 'Oh you are at home where heavy bleeding doesn't matter, cool I won't come out at all'. 'Woah! Are you in school or a place where it is difficult to change your pad/tampon, let me show you the working of Niagara Falls'. 

I know that I'm not the only one who thinks in a such a way periods and wishes there was a option to cancel this unnecessary function. But periods and all I am proud to be a girl. And will be no matter what ;-) 

Monday, April 25, 2016

BF and BF

No matter how much we have progressed and brought about a change in the world, it's thought process and how it functions, the only thing that hasn't  changed is the immediate assumption that comes to ones mind when they see a girl and a guy together who are not related by blood... The first thing that comes to ones mind is, 'Are they together ?'. 

It's like there can be no other situation (applies more specifically to teenagers) in which two teens of the opposite genders can exist in the same perimeter. 

But you are pathetic if you say that the person is like your brother/sister for you can't handle being friends. 

At least that is what society today thinks (most of it, anyways). 

Like excuse me who are you to tell me how I tag my relationships. My BF, BF and BFF are my business so........

But not forgetting the silver line, its quite amusing to sit with your friends and the laugh your ass of when they get you get to know that two of the gang were getting paired up. 
Like why the hell would you pair me up with someone who I insult, hit and ask favours from all the time ??? 

And if certain people do accept that you and your brofriend have a platonic relationship they are often shocked to know the sort of shit you talk about. 
Like excuse me, he is my friend we are supposed to talk about all sorts of shit. That is one part of being friends. 

So this is a message to all those people who are suspicious of girls and guys who have a platonic relationship. It's completely normal. 

And here's to girls with bro friends, best friends , guy friends and who have or will have in some cases boyfriends. Let's not forget the girl besties. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Maturity and Me.

The first thing one gets when they hit their teens is a sense of independence. Whether it's choosing your bed time and chores or maybe an increased pocket money or something, anything. It's sort like a ritual you follow before your descent into teenage-hood. But what did I get a lecture on how it's high time and my maturity ( mentally ) is the need of the hour. All the people who gave it to me made it sound like the solution to all the problems of the world would be me getting mature. 

But I am punjabi by blood or you could say that I belong to that race of human beings who are more stubborn than a mule. And I decided to play this game by my own rules. So if you guys guessed it great and if you didn't well here's the thing, I decided that maturity is a big non no for me. And let me tell you it is an epic decision. 

 Maturity is the job of adults. For teens it's like a part time job, required partially only at certain times. Rest of the time we are supposed to be teens, confused by all the changes occur within us and around us. 

And the only way to escape this trap is to use the stories your parents tell you about their teen years. 

So remember the next time someone tells you to mature just show 'em your tongue and stop theirs from moving. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hip Hip Hurray !!

Guys I am sooooooo sorry for not updating but I have had a hectic few days. But now I finally have 3 holidays because of three important days all falling together, oh the joys of staying in India. 
It's like weekends hold almost nil importance for kids especially of our school because 99.9% of the time we have full working days on Saturdays as well. But almost every month some festival or important day comes up which calls for a holiday. And for lazy procrastinators like me it is a really nice thing. For its those days most overdue assignments are completed. And today is such a day that since tomorrow is a holiday I am finally updating ( which was most definitely overdue ). But I had done some interesting assignments but our teacher hasn't returned them, but hopefully tomorrow I will have something interesting to tell. But until then 3 cheers for Indian heritage and all the holidays it brings. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Is Not Always Nice

Another session, another class, and just the second day and I am so bored that I would rather sit and listen to my dad speak shayari ( a mind boggling form of poetry in urdu which I don't get at all ). Now don't take me as one of those kids who thinks of school as a burden... I don't. In fact school is one of my favourite place because I get to meet my friends and since most teachers like me I don't even get in trouble even when I should be and of my parents don't expect anything less than my best from me so I am in the top 10. Now you all must be wondering then what is so bad about ???? The fact that we have new teachers and it is class 10. Don't get me wrong I love new stuff and most of the times don't mind growing up ( other times I wish I was a kid ). But since we will have to choose which stream or subjects specific class for grade eleven and it depends on our grades the teachers ( most of them ) enter the class with a stick up their butt. They are super prudish and uptight and have eyes as sharp as those of a hawk's which makes even whispering a herculean task. Now I am not saying they should not control the class at all but they can try and take a BLOODY CHILL PILL before they come to class. I am pretty sure that the shirts of the students are just seconds away from burning due to the sweltering weather, lousy fans and the intensity of the teachers glare. They really should have counselling for teachers as well in school is what I believe. Teachers have this queer art of speaking in such a way that even smiling at NO ONE becomes a crime as well. This is why I am sooo non interested in school hopefully tomorrow would be better for new may not always be nice but it is difficult. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Green Ears and Pink Boogers

So yesterday was of  the most messiest, colorful, the most fun and epic Indian Festival according to me at least. Like come on, tell me one other day (apart from the day you go paintballing) when you can throw colours in any form at your parents or random people they know and drench them for absolutely no reason and not get in trouble but get rangeen (colorful) hugs and kisses in return. You can wear the shabbiest clothes you want and the shabbier and colorful you look the more people appreciate you. Mud sliding, slinging and all sorts of mess creating arsenal is allowed because bura na mano holi hai (don't be angry it's HOLI) . You have absolutely no supervision because even the most boring and strict adult is high on adrenaline and alcohol. And every year is crazier than the previous. My family too throws extremely crazy and completely overboard super fun parties. Food and drinks of all sorts. All sorts of fun people. Pranks and leg pulling and making fun roast style. Rain sprinklers, pool.. The whole jingbang. You get drenched in mud and color that doesn't go away for days and get thrown in the pool. And when you finally stop and go home to get cleaned your whole body is more colorful than a gay parade ( ps I have nothing against homosexuals, personally they are pretty cool I feel) and you find your scalp purple, face yellow, green nails and what not.  And this just a small part. Here's a glimpse of my holi 

Completely crazy and chaotic.... I loved it. Hope you enjoyed yourself aswell. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy World Water Day

The celebration that I attended for this was really cooooooool. Like it was way better than the 3rd class quotes about water that they tell every year in the school. When I got there I thought I would be disappointed, like I didn't expect much. But....... I am soooo glad that I was proven wrong. They had epic food ( which is a must ). The people attending were funny ( I don't know if it were intentional, but it was entertaining ). Cute kids performing a street play to give the message to save water , check. But the best part was probably the live band switch on. They were darn good. Like if you can get prominent people of the city to do a semi-twerk you have to be great. All in all it was good fun. And I would have posted the pictures as well if there was a single decent one in which most of frame isn't taken up but the dangerously built ladies of my mom's group CHL ( Country Homes Ladies or as I think of it, Crazy Hippie Loonies ). And if anyone I know is reading this don't show this to my mom or her annoying aunty gang. Once again Happy World Water Day, don't forget to save water. 

Monday, March 21, 2016


So if you see my previous few entries, one  it is basically a short and sweet introduction to a large link badge from Teenage Blogger Central. The domain was started by a blogger at the age of fifteen for other teen bloggers to promote their blogs, which awesome. Given that it is really difficult for one to promote their blog and expand the audience, I love this girl for doing what she does ( cause she has made my job slightly easier). So guys you better check out the Teenage Blogger Central for other new blogs but don't forget about me. 

Teenage Blogger Central

Hey guys ! I just signed up for Teenage Blogger Central and it's apparently mandatory to put up one of the many really cool link badge on your blog to become its member so here's to really cool link badges 

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Perils of Younger Siblings

Younger siblings have a genetic defect that causes them to cause trouble for their elder siblings and the are definitely one of the most annoying type of humans on this earth. But you know what's even more annoying than a younger sibling..... It's their tolli ( gang ) of equally annoying friends. Their stupidity renders one spechless and makes you wonder if you were equally and as  annoyingly stupid. Even when you try to avoid them they will go out their way to irk you and wind you up. Most of them don't make it obvious, because they are slightly only slightly scared of their parents reaction. My younger sister being the youngest of all ( oh the joys of joint families ) is spoiled rotten and has hardly ever really had a nice, tear inducing lecture. In fact if there was a book on the perils of younger siblings it would have just this : Your DOOM is here and you will mature twice as faster say goodbye to being a kid yourself. Infact my younger sister and even brother are responsible for this delay along with my laziness. They messed my account up bad. But I hope you can forgive me and I promise more entries are on there way. Ciao !!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The funny side

The basic mentality of Indian parents when it comes to your studies 
- If you are not studying you are wasting time. 
- If you are studying a subject other than maths, science or social science, you are wasting time. 
- If you are doing unsupervised group study then you are wasting time ( the only time they are correct ). 
- If you are spending more than one hour on a project that is to be graded you are wasting time. 

And no matter how cool,modern or more evolved than stereotypical Indian parents your parents are, there still is a verrrrrry tiny part of their brain that behaves like the typical 'studies are everything and make your future. And my parents are no exception. My younger sister has already started school and she has also started getting schoolwork but I on the other hand have no studies or even books to study because our result isn't out yet and I reply with great pleasure about the absence of books whenever my mom asks me to move my butt and study. But even then not one to back down she will then ask me to do something productive. That being cleaning my room or learning how to cook. She will push me to put books I am reading and when I point that out she will huff and mutter something about being rebellious and while she has accepted the fact that nothing good will ever come out of my cooking she would rather get food poisoning from my food than admit that I should stop cooking. And initially I used to find it extremely annoying and my friends I am sure you did to but now I've realised that is who she is and now it's funny and hopefully will still be funny for the next four years or so because if it is not then lord help me. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Dying with boredom on a whole new level

Slow internet, defect in the music app, absence of a person to annoy and mom in a shop to select cloth for her suits is like a combination deadlier than plane old boredom . I don't know about everyone but I know that if you go with mom for Aunty shopping you are bound to be bored as.......if you are sitting in a 24-hr history lesson about the history of a walking stick with the phrase 'one thing led to another' being constantly repeated by a really old teacher whose voice has more monotony than the sound of paint drying. People say that when they experience something that causes an adrenaline rush few minutes seem like hours, I beg to differ, try sitting doing nothing in a car while your mom shops. She will look at  the same kind of stuff  with only slight minuscule differences that won't even be visible unless you use a magnifying glass. And let's not even get started on the bargaining,  like that's just the norm. You know you can not go shopping with your mother without her trying to get a bargain it doesn't matter if you go to a branded or nonbranded,  bargaining is essential. And that is just when you are shopping for your own stuff. Shit only gets real and deadly when she has to buy her stuff. Make fun of ladies all you want but get in the way of their bargaining, that's like humiliating death and expecting that it won't retaliate completely and utterly useless. If you go against a woman while she bargaining, she literally becomes karma and revenge is served in the most brutal way possible. I don't know about the rest of the world but I'm pretty sure that this holds true for all Desi's. So personally for me going shop with mom is the most boring yet dangerous thing I can do. I think anyone who can go shopping with their moms for more than two hours straight and not be at the brunt of a scathing remark by their moms deserves an award

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nothing But School : ( sigh ) :

You how they say when you really want something and are ready to do anything to achieve it ( morally right things, of course) nothing in the this universe can stop you...........…… Well I beg to differ cause The only thing I've been to get this week is some me time to find the sarcastic troublemaker in me but every time I try that something or the other comes up and the irony is the we have had holidays, ok, fine, I admit these are preparatory holidays for exams but even then I have been soooooo busy that I wasn't able to update for such a long time but so many times I was busy with stuff that wasn't related school and then I thought that it would be impractical now and hence once our finals are over I would relax and do lazy stuff. Buuuuuuut then I realised that my 10 measly holidays are already planned and while quite a lot of it is fun stuff but it's the fun you have with other people actual human beings and not the put up loud inappropriate music and scream and jump along with it while the food keeps coming in just because you want. And even now the only evil I can find is SCHOOL  SCHOOL and SCHOOL. And only because while I studying stuff out of which 60% I will forget after the horrific 3 hr paper I could definitely do something else. So I would like to end in a very classy way by saying CURSE YOU EXAMS or SCHOOL ( both are stupid).     

Friday, February 19, 2016

The BFF Code

All best friends follow certain rules which make their friendship unique. And of course there are consequences ( which can be good or.....we don't wanna go there ). 

So Here it is THE BFF CODE ...............

• Tell each other everything. Whether immediately or eventually. 
• Share everything ( gossip, makeup, clothes, playstations, star crushes and what not ). But most importantly share food ( the real, unhealthy one ). You also have the right to use their stuff without permission. 
• Cuss words show your love one another. 
• you are the only person who is allowed to insult them ( apart from family of course... your bff's family are your team mates when it comes to pulling their leg ) and you have full right to eliminate competition. 
• Inside jokes are not to be forgotten. Whenever and wherever they come up, it is mandatory for the said BFF's to share a glance and a laugh, no matter how old the joke may be. 
• It is  absolutely necessary to get together in holidays at least twice ( no excuses ). 
• You have the right to act inappropriately in front of them and crack the lamest jokes of all time  without being judged. 
• You are the one responsible to uplift their mood after they are sad or star in fiascos.  
• If they are being mean without any reason, you have the right to confront them and tell them off. 

( these are all the rules in my mind and if you can think up of one do let me know ) 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Game Night

"Hey it's my turn"
"You idiot read the instructions"
"Can we please behave like human beings"
"You seriously don't remember how to play this"
"Oh what a felony I have committed, someone please hang me for not remembering the rules" 
Ah! The joys of another family game knight, with a hyper younger sister, a short tempered mom, a sticler for rules dad and a moody me. But the game we had to choose was life which is like monoply but a heck lot more personal. These were just some of the eloquent comments my family and I passed. But some how I don't think the game would have been that fun had we not been screaming and shouting like it was the battle of sparta rather than a game of life. But hands down I have to admit that the most hilarious part of the night was watching my parents call each other cheaters and show tongues to each other with eyes shut, fingers in their earswill the alternated in poking their tongues and singing 'nanana' like 4 year olds and not soon to be 40 year olds. I'm pretty sure me and my sister were even worse but somehow that makes it all the more fun. Don't you think????

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Indian terminology for relatives is more confusing than quantum physics because you don't get away with aunt, uncle, grandparents and grand aunts and uncles and cousins. You have mamu, mami, chachu, chachi, tayaji, taiji, massi, fufu and whatnot and these barely 5% of the relatives maybe even less.  But the fact that  the terminology also differs from family to family and religion to religion is super difficult to grasp unless you've been brought up in India. And a wedding is the place where each and every single relative is present and right now I haven't started on the honary brothers, sisters and every other honary relative......yet. If you're kid whose parents have their own share of male and female cousins you see a different wedding every time. You see the weddings on mom's side of the family and on dad's side of the family you see the wedding as the brides family or as the grooms family. These different sides have their own crazy customs which are super fun to execute. If I started describing an Indian wedding it would take me a week of constant entries. And hence all this for now and maybe another entry later. 

P.S. Guess where I wrote this entry?......That's right at a .....WEDDING 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Land of Swagger

{ Warning!!! This is another lighthearted post and does not promote or discriminate against any belief. Guys I'm sorry but I'll skip this and peace out } 

The world has 133+ countries, and one of them is India. The country India has 29 states and one of them is Punjab , THE LAND OF SWAGGER. This is one thing you don't argue with 'cause you know when Shakespeare secretly came to Punjab in the 1600's , he saw the Punjabi's and went 'Man dis is style. These people got their walk , talk , the handsome locks and the moves all figured out and there is only one word that can describe it and that word is .....SWAGGER'. 

Like only a Punjabi can wear traditional suit along with aviators and still look like the coolest person ever. 

Punjabi's are known for their temper and that is.........completely TRUE. Like if you ask true Indians what a fight between or with Punjabis is like, they'll just look at you with a deadpan and pray for you to never be stuck in a situation like that. And that's because it doesn't matter if the Punjabi loses or wins because everyone knows that no matter how long it takes for them to strike back, they will strike back and when they do their opponent(s) better watch their back. 

And it the same energy of their that makes them the life of the party. They are ready to shake a leg on a song they heard the first time or even do the bhangra on the noise of a generator's motor. 

So I guess what I'm saying is that they are great at having fun and getting crazy and that's why I guess Punjabis are sorta born with SWAGGER. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016 People

Was it just me or did the year  fly by faster than the rest of 'em ?  Looking back on the memories This was a whirlwind of a year with new friends and experiences surpassing the normalcy of the past years. Sooooooo I guess what I'm saying is that while this may mean new beggings it doesn't have to close of the old ones. So guys happy new year and in President Snow's voice *May the odds ever be in your favour