Friday, February 19, 2016

The BFF Code

All best friends follow certain rules which make their friendship unique. And of course there are consequences ( which can be good or.....we don't wanna go there ). 

So Here it is THE BFF CODE ...............

• Tell each other everything. Whether immediately or eventually. 
• Share everything ( gossip, makeup, clothes, playstations, star crushes and what not ). But most importantly share food ( the real, unhealthy one ). You also have the right to use their stuff without permission. 
• Cuss words show your love one another. 
• you are the only person who is allowed to insult them ( apart from family of course... your bff's family are your team mates when it comes to pulling their leg ) and you have full right to eliminate competition. 
• Inside jokes are not to be forgotten. Whenever and wherever they come up, it is mandatory for the said BFF's to share a glance and a laugh, no matter how old the joke may be. 
• It is  absolutely necessary to get together in holidays at least twice ( no excuses ). 
• You have the right to act inappropriately in front of them and crack the lamest jokes of all time  without being judged. 
• You are the one responsible to uplift their mood after they are sad or star in fiascos.  
• If they are being mean without any reason, you have the right to confront them and tell them off. 

( these are all the rules in my mind and if you can think up of one do let me know ) 


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