Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nothing But School : ( sigh ) :

You how they say when you really want something and are ready to do anything to achieve it ( morally right things, of course) nothing in the this universe can stop you...........…… Well I beg to differ cause The only thing I've been to get this week is some me time to find the sarcastic troublemaker in me but every time I try that something or the other comes up and the irony is the we have had holidays, ok, fine, I admit these are preparatory holidays for exams but even then I have been soooooo busy that I wasn't able to update for such a long time but so many times I was busy with stuff that wasn't related school and then I thought that it would be impractical now and hence once our finals are over I would relax and do lazy stuff. Buuuuuuut then I realised that my 10 measly holidays are already planned and while quite a lot of it is fun stuff but it's the fun you have with other people actual human beings and not the put up loud inappropriate music and scream and jump along with it while the food keeps coming in just because you want. And even now the only evil I can find is SCHOOL  SCHOOL and SCHOOL. And only because while I studying stuff out of which 60% I will forget after the horrific 3 hr paper I could definitely do something else. So I would like to end in a very classy way by saying CURSE YOU EXAMS or SCHOOL ( both are stupid).     


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