Thursday, May 28, 2015

Best Of Both Worlds

Yes, I admit once even I used to like Hannah Montana at some point of time. But this is not about that show. This post is about us {Teenagers}. ( Isn't it always about us ). While most of the times we are confused ourselves, almost all of us will admit that being a Teenager is GREEEAAAT !!!!! 

Yes , the license to party and senior perks in school are added perks. But according to me the best reason would be being a chidult ( child + adult ). 

Perks of the child side 
#You can still watch cartoons and not be embarrassed ( atleast I can ).  
#When you are put incharge of your younger siblings you can act crazy along with them and give the excuse that you were keeping them buzy ( that's what I usually do ). 
#You still have the privilege of getting sugar rushes ( most of my friends can't now ). 
#The magic in Pillow fights , hide and seek , skipping and walking, s'mores , mud cakes and many more is still visible to you. 

Perks of the mini adult side 
#Bedtimes have now become an alien concept. 
#You can easily gossip with your friends without being called a tattletale. 
#High School Musical ( need I say more ). 
#You have (even if mimimal) say in SOME decisions. 

Wellll right now these are all the reasons I can think of , so if you can think of any other reason don't forget to comment and tell. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

The AWESOMEST Feeling In The World!!

Somebody once said that nothing feels better than skinny feels ( or something like that).  But I would like to disagree because nothing and I mean NOTHING feels better than the realization that SUMMER VACATIONS have started. 
At that moment our euphoria is sooooooooooooooo high that even the fact that holidays homework has been given cannot diminish our excitement. 
And best part is aspiring to do a hell lot of things and eventually end up doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!


Monday, May 18, 2015

True Horror Story 2 !¡

It's 12 am and you're the only one who is up , your history book in your hand and BAM Adolf Hitler is standing in your room with a really creepy smile on his face    
( I even  found a PICTURE !!!!!! ). 
and weirdly enough ask's in your female history teachers voice " In which year did I die ? " You're confused, you start breathing heavily and he smiles again and then shoot's you straight through your heart and then....... TRING , TRING your alarm rings and BAM you wake up drenched in sweat. This has been the scenario of my dreams for the past one week and long gone are the dreams of my Prince Charming coming to get me in a Bugatti Veyron , all because of EXAMS!!! I swear that these exams are the BANE of my existence. It's like whenever I think of doing something even remotely fun, the realization that exam are about to start AGAIN and this thought crash lands inside my like Thor's hammer ( Avengers Assemble! ). 

While some of you may think I am exaggerating other's will know exactly what I am talking about ( okay maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but can you blame me? ). 

And I know that all of us experience pre-exam jitters in different ways. So don't forget to comment and tell how you experience those nerve wracking jitters ; ) 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Seher !! Enough is Enough !!

I'm pretty sure you guys are not unfamiliar with the dialogue and most of the times it is said in Final Tone which means that things are about to get real. I mostly get to hear these pleasant words when I supposedly overstep the boundaries between being sassy and stooping reall really low. Like whaat ? 
So that's why here's a VERY IMPORTANT message for all adults who believe that there's a limit for being sassy 
( and I'm pretty sure all of you definitely agree with me ). 

The amount of sarcasm within us is unlimited 

Second,of all you guys have taught us not to lie and speak our mind , so we can't help that we are just so creative in our way of speaking. 

Third. We were taught that violence is never the answer and hence when someone does something bad for us we don't hit them but answer back , albeit a bit sharply because we were taught to stand up for what is right. 

So can you really blame us for our sarcasm because I feel that it is the need of the hour. ; )

Saturday, May 9, 2015


The awesomest, superbest , greatest,loveliest MOTHERS of the world ( there are many good things you are but for you I'm just speechless,so yeah. ). 

You guys deserve all this and more  'cause even I admit  raising our generation is no small feat ( I won't be saying this again probably till .... the next mothers day ). 
So I know this is cheesy but .......

( seriously though DON'T make me say it again).  

So moms around the world enjoy ordering your kids around and don't feel guilty 'cause apart from birthdays this may be the only other day you can do that without getting a sarcastic comment in return ( oh and my fellow teens.... Please don't kill me ). 
A verrrrrrrrry happppppppy mother's day once again.  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Broadway...... Here I Come

I know what you're thinking. This girl has finally lost it , like come on why the hell is she talking about BROADFREAKINWAY of all the things. 

First of all let me assure you I am not crazy ( atleast not completely) and also know that you guys feel exactly the same way when you guys are having your well deserved 'ME time ' after a long day spent with dunderheads cause that's what I love to do. And when we are alone trust me even guys sing , dance and pretend ( based on studies after eavesdropping on my brother ; ) 

It's basically like our own personal talent show in which we perform what the heck ever we want to. Whether it's pretending to be a professional booty shaker or the lead actor of a soaprano. And if asked apart from time spent with bestie's this is the best time and one which I really look forward to. So coming back to the reason behind the title, I feel that most of you have realized the reason behind it. I feel that it was apt since lone time is our BROADWAY moment ( not so crazy now ,am I?? ).