Monday, May 18, 2015

True Horror Story 2 !¡

It's 12 am and you're the only one who is up , your history book in your hand and BAM Adolf Hitler is standing in your room with a really creepy smile on his face    
( I even  found a PICTURE !!!!!! ). 
and weirdly enough ask's in your female history teachers voice " In which year did I die ? " You're confused, you start breathing heavily and he smiles again and then shoot's you straight through your heart and then....... TRING , TRING your alarm rings and BAM you wake up drenched in sweat. This has been the scenario of my dreams for the past one week and long gone are the dreams of my Prince Charming coming to get me in a Bugatti Veyron , all because of EXAMS!!! I swear that these exams are the BANE of my existence. It's like whenever I think of doing something even remotely fun, the realization that exam are about to start AGAIN and this thought crash lands inside my like Thor's hammer ( Avengers Assemble! ). 

While some of you may think I am exaggerating other's will know exactly what I am talking about ( okay maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but can you blame me? ). 

And I know that all of us experience pre-exam jitters in different ways. So don't forget to comment and tell how you experience those nerve wracking jitters ; ) 


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