Thursday, May 28, 2015

Best Of Both Worlds

Yes, I admit once even I used to like Hannah Montana at some point of time. But this is not about that show. This post is about us {Teenagers}. ( Isn't it always about us ). While most of the times we are confused ourselves, almost all of us will admit that being a Teenager is GREEEAAAT !!!!! 

Yes , the license to party and senior perks in school are added perks. But according to me the best reason would be being a chidult ( child + adult ). 

Perks of the child side 
#You can still watch cartoons and not be embarrassed ( atleast I can ).  
#When you are put incharge of your younger siblings you can act crazy along with them and give the excuse that you were keeping them buzy ( that's what I usually do ). 
#You still have the privilege of getting sugar rushes ( most of my friends can't now ). 
#The magic in Pillow fights , hide and seek , skipping and walking, s'mores , mud cakes and many more is still visible to you. 

Perks of the mini adult side 
#Bedtimes have now become an alien concept. 
#You can easily gossip with your friends without being called a tattletale. 
#High School Musical ( need I say more ). 
#You have (even if mimimal) say in SOME decisions. 

Wellll right now these are all the reasons I can think of , so if you can think of any other reason don't forget to comment and tell. 


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