Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Seher !! Enough is Enough !!

I'm pretty sure you guys are not unfamiliar with the dialogue and most of the times it is said in Final Tone which means that things are about to get real. I mostly get to hear these pleasant words when I supposedly overstep the boundaries between being sassy and stooping reall really low. Like whaat ? 
So that's why here's a VERY IMPORTANT message for all adults who believe that there's a limit for being sassy 
( and I'm pretty sure all of you definitely agree with me ). 

The amount of sarcasm within us is unlimited 

Second,of all you guys have taught us not to lie and speak our mind , so we can't help that we are just so creative in our way of speaking. 

Third. We were taught that violence is never the answer and hence when someone does something bad for us we don't hit them but answer back , albeit a bit sharply because we were taught to stand up for what is right. 

So can you really blame us for our sarcasm because I feel that it is the need of the hour. ; )


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