Sunday, May 3, 2015

Broadway...... Here I Come

I know what you're thinking. This girl has finally lost it , like come on why the hell is she talking about BROADFREAKINWAY of all the things. 

First of all let me assure you I am not crazy ( atleast not completely) and also know that you guys feel exactly the same way when you guys are having your well deserved 'ME time ' after a long day spent with dunderheads cause that's what I love to do. And when we are alone trust me even guys sing , dance and pretend ( based on studies after eavesdropping on my brother ; ) 

It's basically like our own personal talent show in which we perform what the heck ever we want to. Whether it's pretending to be a professional booty shaker or the lead actor of a soaprano. And if asked apart from time spent with bestie's this is the best time and one which I really look forward to. So coming back to the reason behind the title, I feel that most of you have realized the reason behind it. I feel that it was apt since lone time is our BROADWAY moment ( not so crazy now ,am I?? ).  


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