Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who Left Grownup's Incharge. 

So I just finished reading "how to stop your grownup from taking bad decisions. " by Judy Balan and the book raised very important question. For the other questions check the book out. But this one just wouldn't leave my head. Was there a prophecy saying once you're 18 you're free to do whatever you want but before that you are chained to the feet of your parents throne ? And who says that once you're 18 you won't be blamed for your mistakes. But the most important, who said , that the mistakes made by parents should not be pointed out ? Will someone please tell me???

( ps if any of you brilliant readers have any idea, please leave an answer in the comments box. ) 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Never judge a book by it's movie. 

An all time favorite, the Percy Jackson series has me hooked since the day I started reading it. So naturally My happiness knew no bounds when I got to know that my all time favorite series is being converted into movies. Unlike me and other obsessed readers not everybody likes reading . My friends also come in the same category so they mostly look at me as I am crazy when I fangirl over the series, so I was happy that I could show them why I loved it. Buuuut when I saw the movie I was reallllly disappointed cause the sequence was messed up and many chunks cut out. But when I talked to people who saw just the movie they too felt that something was amiss and felt if the movie was not up to their standards even the book won't be, but those who read the book after watching the movie said that the book was as good as the Harry Potter series. But the 2nd part was definitely better. And even the Harry Potter movies are pretty good but any true fan would deem the books better. At least i would. So next you want to watch a movie based on a book make sure to catch the book before or after the movie choice is yours. 
La Fin. 

Friday, December 26, 2014


So I guess Christmas really is a time for miracles. Christmas day started off with opening gifts and thanking parents and Santa ( one is never too old to do that. At Least I'm not. ) then mumway the sand to be sold at construction sites, i was sooo angry. If the levelheaded moron a.k.a my bro hadn't been there I would have totally gone there and bashed them till they bled for destroying the environment. That's one thing i hate. ( anyways now that I think about it this is what would have happened,  first and foremost it would have been me who was sent to juvenile hall and those guys would have gotten away. A total waste of time. ). So after spending loads of time on the beach and taking rounds in the leaky , pre historical yet totally awesome boat. We finally decided to leave and just as we were leaving , guess who came? THE POLICE!!! This is almost like an action movie or book. They were here to stop those gutter headed thugs. And unlike the myth about all fatties working in the Punjab Police, two out of three were thin and fit. So I guess I got my Christmas miracle after all. My very on true awesome story in an awesome setting. P.S. If my dunderheaded brother wouldn't have been scared as poop and let me interview the police that would have been like whipped cream and maple syrup on my pancakes. But this was a really cool and awesome Christmas even after that. See ya people later. Oh ! Almost forgot, Happy New Year. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is considered one of the brightest festivals of the world. For me it was duller than a fused bulb and I am not exaggerating. The excitement of the start of the holiday season lasted only for a day. Today the 24th of December was the the most eventfully uneventful day of my life. It was eventful because of the escape into London 2056 through the book 'The Bone Season ' by Samantha Shannon. Apart from that my day consisted of evil younger sisters, annoying parents and many others who irritated me with there mere presence. I can't even blame them because I was in a mood sourer than lemons. My sister is in the age when Christmas magic and Santa are more real than Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. Her excitement rubbed me off and soon I too was rooting for a miracle , any miracle. That is one reason why this entry has been put up so late. Oooh there was a not so pleasant miracle all right. My Dad had to go and meet one of his clients because of an emergency and mom suddenly got sick and I am not kidding, just suddenly so I was back to reading the book. But even after all this Sukoon's excitement did not dim and it gave me a small spark of hope too. So here I am waiting for a miracle ( or a last minute bombastic, hell of a prank to play on my siblings. ) Muahahah ( doing my awesome evil laugh over here, people. ).  Forgive me for getting off track.  Now all that's left to say is A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Are You Sure We Aren't COMEDIANS!!!!!!!

School is always boring unlessss yes your best friend is with you. Then it's the best damn place on earth. The reason behind this is those innumerable and constant stream of jokes and insanely stupid comments about everything. Then even the most humiliating punishment becomes a walk through the park. Teachers are always trying to separate the clique in order to prevent the ruckus that starts due to us because we were sitting together in class. The carefully thought sarcastic remarks that would even boggle Einstein and silly , senseless jokes that make us laugh even after an eternity.  A best friend doesn't always mean someone your age it means someone who does not let you do stupid stuff alone and is always there to make you laugh and those who hurt you cry.  So who are best friends , twins in disguise or the co stars on Comedy Central???????? 

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Adventures Of Butt Man. 

"And a pow and a boom , in a flash Batman saves Gotham City . " It was a usual lazy Sunday with Kindo superglued to the TV , Mrs. Kirosuki gossiping with her friends on the phone like it was the last time they would chat and Mr. Kirosuki drowning his pillow in drool and changing positions while sleeping in such a way that would have Michael Jackson on his knees. Kindo still superglued to the TV realized his ambition in life, and due to this his happiness knew no bounds. With a jump and a start he exclaimed, " I want to be a Super hero! " He told his parents about his ambition over lunch. His parents shared a look and after that Mrs. Kirosuki burst into a lecture about the impracticality of his ambition and asked him to grow up and step into the real world. But Mr. Kirosuki just asked , " but which superhero? ". Just as soon as he created this dilemma he gave an answer too , " I think you should be butt man , since your favorite place is the bathroom and you're obsessed with farts". I am not... ok maybe I am but thanks dad cause these days the Captain Underpants series is a huge hit but let me tell you that Buttman will definitely get better ratings." Realizing his mistake Mr. Kirosuk looked sheepishly towards Mrs. Kirosuki. 
Kindo was now determined to discover his buttastic and fartabulous abilities and the best place to do so was in the bathroom of course. After eating a tonne of radish Kindo felt that if not Buttman he could definitely become Burpmaster or Badbreathster ( B seemed to be his favorite letter). After feeling tonnes and tonnes of gas build up inside him he decided to open the first floor window and jump out of it, his fartastic powers would cause the gas to be released with force and the same force would propel him into the air.  
What happened next was painstakingly comical. Kindo jumped out , and realeased the gas. The sound made was louder than a nuclear bomb's but was unable to cover Kindo's shriek as he realized that instead of going up he was going down and down, till he hit the ground!  His parents rushed outside to find a wailing Kindo holding his broken leg. 
That day Kindo learned an important lesson - Never to trust bodily functions, they always let you down (pun intended!). 

( I just couldn't resist putting this story up. This was an english assignment but luckily I have the coolest English teacher ever and she took it in the write way. So if any of you have a crumpled piece of paper with an awesome story written on it tell me through the comment box and the top 3 stories would be uploaded right here. Keep reading mi amigos. ).  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A True Horror Story: Exammmssss !!!!

They are officially the worst things in the world yet the most important. I'm pretty sure the Devil personally fabricated this form of torture.  A CIA agent won't break down from physical torture but tell him to complete a semester maths exam in 30 minutes, sure short method to break him.  But often for some of us, learning isn't the difficult part, it is the writing.  I mean come on give us a break why can't we just give an oral test. Buuuut nooo you have to give a written one. The elderly don't even see what we do: The greatest people in all of history weren't all educated high and mighty quite a few were even completely illiterate. My rants about this evil creation could go on and on but the main reason I brought this topic up was that due this punishment from Hell , I'll be posting newly , stupid realizations and weirdly , truly funny rants every fortnight instead of everyday. ( curse you exams :-( . ) 

Why Me ?????? 

Being the middle child sucks. Period. The reasons are endless. Here's a hopefully short list why (and if not well it's not my fault . ) • the middle child always has to adjust. • the elder and younger siblings gang up on the middle child. • the middle child is agonized by both the younger and elder siblings. • when the elder sibling is a self proclaimed moron it up to the middle child to set an example for the obnoxious younger ones. ( we deserve to let go and act crazy , but can't. ). • if we the middle siblings try to retaliate against either of the two, we ourselves get into trouble. • it is always the responsibility of the middlesibling to make peace between the younger and elder siblings. ( what are we delegates of the UN. ). Hmmmm quite shorter than I had expected but that's only because I can't think of anymore reasons. Hopefully there aren't any left. ( please don't let there be any left. ).  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Most Annoying Award #ElderSiblings 

I should be declared a HERO 😁 , as I save lives of others and inadvertently save myself from the wrath of my sibling. Yes I agree it great to have someone who has gone through the same things to guide you through the angst ridden world of a teenager. But after those peaceful 5 minutes full of advice, they snap back into the role of a villain that would make disney villains seem like the good guys. Annnnd if you tell on them , they get away with a lousy threat of not doing it again, that wouldn't even scare a mouse and we have hell to pay. So will someone please tell me who are elder siblings , aliens with the sole purpose of haunting us or just annoying people who can't resist troubling us ?????

Monday, December 15, 2014

I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In !

Having a younger sibling is awesome for quite a few reasons but most of the time it's no less than having a mini devil whose sole purpose is messing your life and annoying you to death. And another reason those trouble magnets are the most irritating life forms in the whole darn Universe is their  incessant urge to question the reason behind the existence of everything in this Universe. But luckily for them blood is thicker than water and no matter what those incarnations of Satan do in the end all is forgiven and forgotten and we are back in the cat and mouse routine. BUUUUT!!! There are rare times when the roles are reversed they are the ones begging for mercy    Although we ( The Elder Sibling Association ) , have been through horrifying ordeals due to them we are kind hearted angels of God who easily forgive them without causing any ruckus ( OK ! Who are we kidding ? ) occasionally we too start seeing RED and the rational part of our head blasts off to Mars. This doesn't help at all and the only one who lands in trouble is the wiser elder sibling . Yet parents too forgive and forget and all of us move on with our lives as if nothing has happened , well almost cause here we are trying to ignore the occasional taunts from both sides . Sooo younger siblings a boon or a curse that is the Question ?  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Are You Sure You Don't Have Multiple PersonalityDisorder


"Seher Bhalla get your foolish butt up here this instant ". "Seher darling are you sure you don't want anything else ". I'm pretty sure all you fellow tweens and teens have an idea , about whom am I talking. Well if not your PARENTS are from another planet . Most of us face this dilemma almost every day that makes us question the sanity of our guardian angels from a parallel universe. Their constant mood swings increase the possibility of them having multiple personality disorder. Or this could just be a very very clever scheme to get us under their control. Sure they want us to grow up to become awesome beings ( although we already are ) . But telling us to do whatever we want and then stopping us and telling us to behave like normal people is not really any help in the situation 

( define normal ). I mean how do they even expect us to do that, we are practically adults with the minds of kids that produce thoughts as if under the influence of caffeine 24*7.  A really bad combination I tell you. Now the the question that arises is do they really have personality disorder or are they just mysteries that we will never solve.....