Friday, December 19, 2014

The Adventures Of Butt Man. 

"And a pow and a boom , in a flash Batman saves Gotham City . " It was a usual lazy Sunday with Kindo superglued to the TV , Mrs. Kirosuki gossiping with her friends on the phone like it was the last time they would chat and Mr. Kirosuki drowning his pillow in drool and changing positions while sleeping in such a way that would have Michael Jackson on his knees. Kindo still superglued to the TV realized his ambition in life, and due to this his happiness knew no bounds. With a jump and a start he exclaimed, " I want to be a Super hero! " He told his parents about his ambition over lunch. His parents shared a look and after that Mrs. Kirosuki burst into a lecture about the impracticality of his ambition and asked him to grow up and step into the real world. But Mr. Kirosuki just asked , " but which superhero? ". Just as soon as he created this dilemma he gave an answer too , " I think you should be butt man , since your favorite place is the bathroom and you're obsessed with farts". I am not... ok maybe I am but thanks dad cause these days the Captain Underpants series is a huge hit but let me tell you that Buttman will definitely get better ratings." Realizing his mistake Mr. Kirosuk looked sheepishly towards Mrs. Kirosuki. 
Kindo was now determined to discover his buttastic and fartabulous abilities and the best place to do so was in the bathroom of course. After eating a tonne of radish Kindo felt that if not Buttman he could definitely become Burpmaster or Badbreathster ( B seemed to be his favorite letter). After feeling tonnes and tonnes of gas build up inside him he decided to open the first floor window and jump out of it, his fartastic powers would cause the gas to be released with force and the same force would propel him into the air.  
What happened next was painstakingly comical. Kindo jumped out , and realeased the gas. The sound made was louder than a nuclear bomb's but was unable to cover Kindo's shriek as he realized that instead of going up he was going down and down, till he hit the ground!  His parents rushed outside to find a wailing Kindo holding his broken leg. 
That day Kindo learned an important lesson - Never to trust bodily functions, they always let you down (pun intended!). 

( I just couldn't resist putting this story up. This was an english assignment but luckily I have the coolest English teacher ever and she took it in the write way. So if any of you have a crumpled piece of paper with an awesome story written on it tell me through the comment box and the top 3 stories would be uploaded right here. Keep reading mi amigos. ).  


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