Monday, December 15, 2014

I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In !

Having a younger sibling is awesome for quite a few reasons but most of the time it's no less than having a mini devil whose sole purpose is messing your life and annoying you to death. And another reason those trouble magnets are the most irritating life forms in the whole darn Universe is their  incessant urge to question the reason behind the existence of everything in this Universe. But luckily for them blood is thicker than water and no matter what those incarnations of Satan do in the end all is forgiven and forgotten and we are back in the cat and mouse routine. BUUUUT!!! There are rare times when the roles are reversed they are the ones begging for mercy    Although we ( The Elder Sibling Association ) , have been through horrifying ordeals due to them we are kind hearted angels of God who easily forgive them without causing any ruckus ( OK ! Who are we kidding ? ) occasionally we too start seeing RED and the rational part of our head blasts off to Mars. This doesn't help at all and the only one who lands in trouble is the wiser elder sibling . Yet parents too forgive and forget and all of us move on with our lives as if nothing has happened , well almost cause here we are trying to ignore the occasional taunts from both sides . Sooo younger siblings a boon or a curse that is the Question ?  


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