Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Me ?????? 

Being the middle child sucks. Period. The reasons are endless. Here's a hopefully short list why (and if not well it's not my fault . ) • the middle child always has to adjust. • the elder and younger siblings gang up on the middle child. • the middle child is agonized by both the younger and elder siblings. • when the elder sibling is a self proclaimed moron it up to the middle child to set an example for the obnoxious younger ones. ( we deserve to let go and act crazy , but can't. ). • if we the middle siblings try to retaliate against either of the two, we ourselves get into trouble. • it is always the responsibility of the middlesibling to make peace between the younger and elder siblings. ( what are we delegates of the UN. ). Hmmmm quite shorter than I had expected but that's only because I can't think of anymore reasons. Hopefully there aren't any left. ( please don't let there be any left. ).  


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