Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A True Horror Story: Exammmssss !!!!

They are officially the worst things in the world yet the most important. I'm pretty sure the Devil personally fabricated this form of torture.  A CIA agent won't break down from physical torture but tell him to complete a semester maths exam in 30 minutes, sure short method to break him.  But often for some of us, learning isn't the difficult part, it is the writing.  I mean come on give us a break why can't we just give an oral test. Buuuut nooo you have to give a written one. The elderly don't even see what we do: The greatest people in all of history weren't all educated high and mighty quite a few were even completely illiterate. My rants about this evil creation could go on and on but the main reason I brought this topic up was that due this punishment from Hell , I'll be posting newly , stupid realizations and weirdly , truly funny rants every fortnight instead of everyday. ( curse you exams :-( . ) 


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