Sunday, December 28, 2014

Never judge a book by it's movie. 

An all time favorite, the Percy Jackson series has me hooked since the day I started reading it. So naturally My happiness knew no bounds when I got to know that my all time favorite series is being converted into movies. Unlike me and other obsessed readers not everybody likes reading . My friends also come in the same category so they mostly look at me as I am crazy when I fangirl over the series, so I was happy that I could show them why I loved it. Buuuut when I saw the movie I was reallllly disappointed cause the sequence was messed up and many chunks cut out. But when I talked to people who saw just the movie they too felt that something was amiss and felt if the movie was not up to their standards even the book won't be, but those who read the book after watching the movie said that the book was as good as the Harry Potter series. But the 2nd part was definitely better. And even the Harry Potter movies are pretty good but any true fan would deem the books better. At least i would. So next you want to watch a movie based on a book make sure to catch the book before or after the movie choice is yours. 
La Fin. 


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