Friday, December 26, 2014


So I guess Christmas really is a time for miracles. Christmas day started off with opening gifts and thanking parents and Santa ( one is never too old to do that. At Least I'm not. ) then mumway the sand to be sold at construction sites, i was sooo angry. If the levelheaded moron a.k.a my bro hadn't been there I would have totally gone there and bashed them till they bled for destroying the environment. That's one thing i hate. ( anyways now that I think about it this is what would have happened,  first and foremost it would have been me who was sent to juvenile hall and those guys would have gotten away. A total waste of time. ). So after spending loads of time on the beach and taking rounds in the leaky , pre historical yet totally awesome boat. We finally decided to leave and just as we were leaving , guess who came? THE POLICE!!! This is almost like an action movie or book. They were here to stop those gutter headed thugs. And unlike the myth about all fatties working in the Punjab Police, two out of three were thin and fit. So I guess I got my Christmas miracle after all. My very on true awesome story in an awesome setting. P.S. If my dunderheaded brother wouldn't have been scared as poop and let me interview the police that would have been like whipped cream and maple syrup on my pancakes. But this was a really cool and awesome Christmas even after that. See ya people later. Oh ! Almost forgot, Happy New Year. 


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