Sunday, December 14, 2014

Are You Sure You Don't Have Multiple PersonalityDisorder


"Seher Bhalla get your foolish butt up here this instant ". "Seher darling are you sure you don't want anything else ". I'm pretty sure all you fellow tweens and teens have an idea , about whom am I talking. Well if not your PARENTS are from another planet . Most of us face this dilemma almost every day that makes us question the sanity of our guardian angels from a parallel universe. Their constant mood swings increase the possibility of them having multiple personality disorder. Or this could just be a very very clever scheme to get us under their control. Sure they want us to grow up to become awesome beings ( although we already are ) . But telling us to do whatever we want and then stopping us and telling us to behave like normal people is not really any help in the situation 

( define normal ). I mean how do they even expect us to do that, we are practically adults with the minds of kids that produce thoughts as if under the influence of caffeine 24*7.  A really bad combination I tell you. Now the the question that arises is do they really have personality disorder or are they just mysteries that we will never solve.....


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