Monday, December 22, 2014

Are You Sure We Aren't COMEDIANS!!!!!!!

School is always boring unlessss yes your best friend is with you. Then it's the best damn place on earth. The reason behind this is those innumerable and constant stream of jokes and insanely stupid comments about everything. Then even the most humiliating punishment becomes a walk through the park. Teachers are always trying to separate the clique in order to prevent the ruckus that starts due to us because we were sitting together in class. The carefully thought sarcastic remarks that would even boggle Einstein and silly , senseless jokes that make us laugh even after an eternity.  A best friend doesn't always mean someone your age it means someone who does not let you do stupid stuff alone and is always there to make you laugh and those who hurt you cry.  So who are best friends , twins in disguise or the co stars on Comedy Central???????? 


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