Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Heeelp I've Been Diagnosed With FGDS !!

Before you tell that such a disease does not exist, chances are most you have it. FGDS or 
Fan Girl/Boy Disorder Syndrome is very lethal. Hence following the basic protocol of 'Prevention is Better than Cure💉 ' here are some signs by none other than Dr. Seher ( a recovering specialist on the FGDS ). 

This is a very common disease in today's generation,especially teenagers. 
This syndrome is mainly caused by general everyday stuff such as books, solo and group artists, TV series and movies. It is yet not sure if any other things trigger this disorder. 

The infected people or Fan Girl/ Boy (s) have proved to be more dangerous to fellow humans than themselves. 

Here are some symptoms shown in different cases: 

Although this case study specifies books , a similar pattern is shown under the influence of TV series and movies. 

In the case of musicians, the patient first shows an acute interest the songs and more importantly THE LOOKS OF THE SINGER(S). Then shows slight to extreme obsession in each and every movement of the artist. 

Dr. Seher advices all people acquainted with those suffering from the disease to approach them with EXTREME CAUTION !!

Dr. Seher is currently researching more on the same. But until now no cure has been procured. (And she secretly hopes that no cure is found😆. ) 


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