Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm Not Lazy ...... I'm Just Saving My Energy­čĺ¬

Being a teenager is super exhausting. Period. And hence I feel that you really can't blame us for being , let's say a bit...slow. And I completely agree that there is no excuse for LAZINESS .... But if you find one please let me know. And here are what I think honestly genuine reasons for us being prone to laziness ( or as I like to call it,'on the energy saving mode '). 

Just Kidding there actually is no reason behind it except for the fact that we don't really have an urge to do stuff. But sometimes I feel that it is sorta justified eg. After long tiring week or during summer vacation (any vacation for that matter). And guys this is the same reason behind my remaining AWOL for so long. 

While we may debate on whether being lazy is good or not. None of us will disagree that once in a while it is a really great feeling. 


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