Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Perils of Younger Siblings

Younger siblings have a genetic defect that causes them to cause trouble for their elder siblings and the are definitely one of the most annoying type of humans on this earth. But you know what's even more annoying than a younger sibling..... It's their tolli ( gang ) of equally annoying friends. Their stupidity renders one spechless and makes you wonder if you were equally and as  annoyingly stupid. Even when you try to avoid them they will go out their way to irk you and wind you up. Most of them don't make it obvious, because they are slightly only slightly scared of their parents reaction. My younger sister being the youngest of all ( oh the joys of joint families ) is spoiled rotten and has hardly ever really had a nice, tear inducing lecture. In fact if there was a book on the perils of younger siblings it would have just this : Your DOOM is here and you will mature twice as faster say goodbye to being a kid yourself. Infact my younger sister and even brother are responsible for this delay along with my laziness. They messed my account up bad. But I hope you can forgive me and I promise more entries are on there way. Ciao !!


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