Friday, March 25, 2016

Green Ears and Pink Boogers

So yesterday was of  the most messiest, colorful, the most fun and epic Indian Festival according to me at least. Like come on, tell me one other day (apart from the day you go paintballing) when you can throw colours in any form at your parents or random people they know and drench them for absolutely no reason and not get in trouble but get rangeen (colorful) hugs and kisses in return. You can wear the shabbiest clothes you want and the shabbier and colorful you look the more people appreciate you. Mud sliding, slinging and all sorts of mess creating arsenal is allowed because bura na mano holi hai (don't be angry it's HOLI) . You have absolutely no supervision because even the most boring and strict adult is high on adrenaline and alcohol. And every year is crazier than the previous. My family too throws extremely crazy and completely overboard super fun parties. Food and drinks of all sorts. All sorts of fun people. Pranks and leg pulling and making fun roast style. Rain sprinklers, pool.. The whole jingbang. You get drenched in mud and color that doesn't go away for days and get thrown in the pool. And when you finally stop and go home to get cleaned your whole body is more colorful than a gay parade ( ps I have nothing against homosexuals, personally they are pretty cool I feel) and you find your scalp purple, face yellow, green nails and what not.  And this just a small part. Here's a glimpse of my holi 

Completely crazy and chaotic.... I loved it. Hope you enjoyed yourself aswell. 


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