Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Is Not Always Nice

Another session, another class, and just the second day and I am so bored that I would rather sit and listen to my dad speak shayari ( a mind boggling form of poetry in urdu which I don't get at all ). Now don't take me as one of those kids who thinks of school as a burden... I don't. In fact school is one of my favourite place because I get to meet my friends and since most teachers like me I don't even get in trouble even when I should be and of my parents don't expect anything less than my best from me so I am in the top 10. Now you all must be wondering then what is so bad about ???? The fact that we have new teachers and it is class 10. Don't get me wrong I love new stuff and most of the times don't mind growing up ( other times I wish I was a kid ). But since we will have to choose which stream or subjects specific class for grade eleven and it depends on our grades the teachers ( most of them ) enter the class with a stick up their butt. They are super prudish and uptight and have eyes as sharp as those of a hawk's which makes even whispering a herculean task. Now I am not saying they should not control the class at all but they can try and take a BLOODY CHILL PILL before they come to class. I am pretty sure that the shirts of the students are just seconds away from burning due to the sweltering weather, lousy fans and the intensity of the teachers glare. They really should have counselling for teachers as well in school is what I believe. Teachers have this queer art of speaking in such a way that even smiling at NO ONE becomes a crime as well. This is why I am sooo non interested in school hopefully tomorrow would be better for new may not always be nice but it is difficult. 


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