Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy World Water Day

The celebration that I attended for this was really cooooooool. Like it was way better than the 3rd class quotes about water that they tell every year in the school. When I got there I thought I would be disappointed, like I didn't expect much. But....... I am soooo glad that I was proven wrong. They had epic food ( which is a must ). The people attending were funny ( I don't know if it were intentional, but it was entertaining ). Cute kids performing a street play to give the message to save water , check. But the best part was probably the live band switch on. They were darn good. Like if you can get prominent people of the city to do a semi-twerk you have to be great. All in all it was good fun. And I would have posted the pictures as well if there was a single decent one in which most of frame isn't taken up but the dangerously built ladies of my mom's group CHL ( Country Homes Ladies or as I think of it, Crazy Hippie Loonies ). And if anyone I know is reading this don't show this to my mom or her annoying aunty gang. Once again Happy World Water Day, don't forget to save water. 


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