Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The funny side

The basic mentality of Indian parents when it comes to your studies 
- If you are not studying you are wasting time. 
- If you are studying a subject other than maths, science or social science, you are wasting time. 
- If you are doing unsupervised group study then you are wasting time ( the only time they are correct ). 
- If you are spending more than one hour on a project that is to be graded you are wasting time. 

And no matter how cool,modern or more evolved than stereotypical Indian parents your parents are, there still is a verrrrrry tiny part of their brain that behaves like the typical 'studies are everything and make your future. And my parents are no exception. My younger sister has already started school and she has also started getting schoolwork but I on the other hand have no studies or even books to study because our result isn't out yet and I reply with great pleasure about the absence of books whenever my mom asks me to move my butt and study. But even then not one to back down she will then ask me to do something productive. That being cleaning my room or learning how to cook. She will push me to put books I am reading and when I point that out she will huff and mutter something about being rebellious and while she has accepted the fact that nothing good will ever come out of my cooking she would rather get food poisoning from my food than admit that I should stop cooking. And initially I used to find it extremely annoying and my friends I am sure you did to but now I've realised that is who she is and now it's funny and hopefully will still be funny for the next four years or so because if it is not then lord help me. 


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