Wednesday, May 18, 2016


 "Girls and women are  superheroes, because only they can bleed for a week and not die" 
                          - Random Totally True 
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Periods are literal pain....everywhere. 
It's like your hormones become your enemies, take over your body and make you do stupid stuff. The first person is who you really are. And the other is is hormonal bitch with more brine than the oceans of the world, which overflows constantly like angel falls from your eyes. 

'Ouch!!!!! I just want to be a guy' 
'Guys don't know shit about pain'
'Guys got off way too easy' 
..........And million other such thoughts definitely cross every girls mind when they are going through the sensation of being gutted by a knife Jack The Ripper style aka PERIOD CRAMPS. 
Like if you want me dead at least do it quickly. The sensation is something that you would get on the roller coaster of doom in an amusement park from hell. 

Moving on to the GRAND FINALE!!....... I present before you BLEEDING. It's like the icing on the top of a yuck-muck cake. It's like our blood has a mind of its own and is our mortal enemy. 'Oh you are at home where heavy bleeding doesn't matter, cool I won't come out at all'. 'Woah! Are you in school or a place where it is difficult to change your pad/tampon, let me show you the working of Niagara Falls'. 

I know that I'm not the only one who thinks in a such a way periods and wishes there was a option to cancel this unnecessary function. But periods and all I am proud to be a girl. And will be no matter what ;-) 




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