Monday, April 25, 2016

BF and BF

No matter how much we have progressed and brought about a change in the world, it's thought process and how it functions, the only thing that hasn't  changed is the immediate assumption that comes to ones mind when they see a girl and a guy together who are not related by blood... The first thing that comes to ones mind is, 'Are they together ?'. 

It's like there can be no other situation (applies more specifically to teenagers) in which two teens of the opposite genders can exist in the same perimeter. 

But you are pathetic if you say that the person is like your brother/sister for you can't handle being friends. 

At least that is what society today thinks (most of it, anyways). 

Like excuse me who are you to tell me how I tag my relationships. My BF, BF and BFF are my business so........

But not forgetting the silver line, its quite amusing to sit with your friends and the laugh your ass of when they get you get to know that two of the gang were getting paired up. 
Like why the hell would you pair me up with someone who I insult, hit and ask favours from all the time ??? 

And if certain people do accept that you and your brofriend have a platonic relationship they are often shocked to know the sort of shit you talk about. 
Like excuse me, he is my friend we are supposed to talk about all sorts of shit. That is one part of being friends. 

So this is a message to all those people who are suspicious of girls and guys who have a platonic relationship. It's completely normal. 

And here's to girls with bro friends, best friends , guy friends and who have or will have in some cases boyfriends. Let's not forget the girl besties. 


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