Monday, January 25, 2016

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Indian terminology for relatives is more confusing than quantum physics because you don't get away with aunt, uncle, grandparents and grand aunts and uncles and cousins. You have mamu, mami, chachu, chachi, tayaji, taiji, massi, fufu and whatnot and these barely 5% of the relatives maybe even less.  But the fact that  the terminology also differs from family to family and religion to religion is super difficult to grasp unless you've been brought up in India. And a wedding is the place where each and every single relative is present and right now I haven't started on the honary brothers, sisters and every other honary relative......yet. If you're kid whose parents have their own share of male and female cousins you see a different wedding every time. You see the weddings on mom's side of the family and on dad's side of the family you see the wedding as the brides family or as the grooms family. These different sides have their own crazy customs which are super fun to execute. If I started describing an Indian wedding it would take me a week of constant entries. And hence all this for now and maybe another entry later. 

P.S. Guess where I wrote this entry?......That's right at a .....WEDDING 


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