Saturday, April 11, 2015

Long Time No See

Sooo I haven't exactly been regular in updating but it exactly wasn't even my fault since I had my FINAL EXAMS. You read it right and like I told in one of my earlier entries me and exams don't exactly get along. But the main reason due to which I couldn't grace all of you with my awesome words is that I felt lazy. You read it right. But you have to give me some credit for admitting.  Since most of us can't even do that. Also you guys should thank Momster since her constant nagging finally got to me. Although I was off the grid for so long nothing even remotely awesome happened. Apart from awesome books annnnd , well that's about it. Being the geek I am most of my time is spent fangirling and joining new fandoms on Pint and quoting momster, 'wasting precious time '. This basically sums up my absence from the blog. So see you next time or more fitting write to you next time.  
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