Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Proud To Be An Indian

My mom loves praising everything Indian, I never really understood her obsession till now. And the answer my friends I found in the place I had never even thought could give me an answer. I found it in a movie. To be specific in Ayushmaan Khurana's latest flick Hawaizada, which is a fictional take at the life story of Shivakar Talpade. Set in the later 1920's the movie shows the hardships he had to face in colonial India in order to make the first airplane ever , eight years before the Wright brothers.  But it is not just about that. The movie is about freedom, not just from colonial rule but from the unjust customs and traditions and the harsh mindsets of people. But the best part of the movie was that it makes you proud to be an Indian , proud of our legacy and heritage. Different from the cliched bollywood movies, according to me it's a must watch for all of us, as a reminder of all the great things Indians have done and why we are proud to be Indians.
( ps, do tell me what you think about the movie. Leave your thoughts in the comment box. ) 


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