Saturday, July 18, 2015


I'm pretty sure there is definitely something wrong with them 'cause this happens to my 3rd or 4th entry on them. 
They say that teens are confusing but forget that in their case confusion happens to be their middle name. And I also have a conspiracy theory about them i.e. At some point of time kids, teens and adults all were equal and age was no bar but then there was a turning point in history because that was when a war took place between the 'adults'and the the rest of humanity. 

Clearly they won 'cause otherwise we wouldn't be living under tbeir iron rule 😖. 

And to justify this I don't think that I need to research any example because we are all literally surrounded by adults and while I  really enjoy not being an adult because my parents pay the WIFI bill but I really don't mind doing whatever I want and ththat includes getting up at one to eat or drink caramel sauce because I would be an adult. But until then I'll just be content by writing about it. 


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