Monday, August 3, 2015

5 Reasons Why Money May Actually Buy Happiness

I may sound extremely bratty right now, but trust me once you here the reasons you'll completely agree with me (hopefully). 

So here they are 

1). Food : (Didn't expect it, did you?). But think about it whether you go to a 5 star restaurant or make a simple bread and jam for yourself, you need money to buy it. 

2). Clothes : Wether you buy them from a thrift store or H&M you need money to buy it. And whether you like to face it or not ours is an extremely self obsessed generation and most of us like everything fancy. And yet ,again money is needed. 

3). Books : Haters gonna hate but the rest of you know exactly what I'm talking about , cause without books there won't be the numerous crazy fandoms we are proud of and a part of. 

4). The Idiot Box : Look whether you use it to watch History TV or Star World you need to pay the bill to continue watching, becase 'बाप का राज नहीं है भाया' ( your dad isn't the king brotha ). 

5). WI-FI : Literally our lifeline without which we are not able to function even for a second too has a bill which needs to be paid. 


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