Sunday, September 20, 2015

OMG!!!! Your Mom Is So Cool...... Nooooo

Doomsday: The day random strangers come up to you and says,"OMG your Mom is , like so cool ". And you're there with an extremely confused expression which screams , 'What did she do now ?'. And it doesn't help that your mom has this weird self-image about being the best in everything and everyone else especially YOU suck and of course apart from your younger demonic sister as well. 
So  yesterday , when my mom came back from her morning gedi ( wallk ) with her nosey parker friends I had an intuition that something was up ....... And what a surprise!!! I was right ( note the sarcasm and the fact that it slightly rhymes ). 

The fact that my mother was in the spotlight was not surprising considering the fact that every two days she is invited by some NGO to one of their events or is buzy with her  presentations at some fashion event or the other. But the reason for which she was in the spotlight was more shocking. 

So mom and the rest of the ladies of our community had taken part in a Save The Sindhwan Canal ( which basically a cleanliness and beautification drive) earlier this year. The thing got huge support from people all over the city and caused much hue and cry. But now  apart from an occasional highlight here and there nobody really gives a dam ( PJO fandom see what I did there ). But the CHL (Country Homes Ladies) West branch is not like the rest of them , no the still organise something or the otherfor the same. 

Coming back to the morning walk. While strolling along the canals bank they spotted a guy throwing trash in their beloved canal. And like  typical strong tempered Punjabi women they went up to him and made him literally poop in his pants. So imagine my surprise when I get to know and trust me this is NOT FICTION. 

So  people whenever you tell me that my mom is über cool trust 'Picture अभी बाकी है मेरे दोस्त ' ( the movie has yet to begin my friend). 


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