Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me !!!!!!!

Guess who's turning 14, tomorrow??? That's right it's me ( stupid me, I just told that in the title, clearly the adage 'age is just a number ' seems specially true in my case since age is growing but brain is not). Now I'm gonna Party All Night...... Yeah right what I actually would be doing is, sleeping or reading or eating. And the best part about my birthday would be that it's a HOLIDAY cause Diwali is on 11th (it's cases like these in which I find India cool). But the icing on the top is that right after the Festival of Lights on 12th i.e. I will be flying to USA with a few friends and the coolest Teacher-in-charge ever and now the anticipation is way too much to handle and at random moments I was seen jumping with joy which landed me in a tight spot with the school counsellor as she was worried about my mental health. Poooooh. But all's in the past now and I can't wait to act independent and stuff for 10-11 freaking whole days. But don't worry though I will update you guys on all the adventures I have over there once I get back, but don't worry though the Diwali special will be updated day after tomorrow for all you clueless fools. Until then Ciao


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