Sunday, October 4, 2015

8 Signs To Identify A Bhenji

{ Disclaimer: These are PURELY and PURELY MY VIEWS. So please no HATING.

Bhenji: origin , hindi. 
Meaning: A person who either stopped giving a damn a long while ago or gives way too many damns. Also unlike most myths a guy can and should be called a Bhenji if the definition is deemed applicable for the said case. 

Annnnnnd Now Presenting The EIGHT Signs To Identify A BHENJI. 

They are a gossip queen/king  and know everything happening around the CITY and not just the colony. 

They love to give their opinion about anything and everything, and it doesn't matter whether you ask for it or not. 

They are the biggest cheap arse you'll ever meet and no kidding, they will always be ready to haggle to pay Rs. 5 instead of  Rs. 10 for a freakin ice cream. 

They just luuuuuurve hogging the spot light and will go to almost any extent to grab attention as long as their dignity remains intact. 

They love spending money when it is not their own. So beware next time the neighbourhood BHENJI asks you to drive her to the grocery store. 

They love squishing kids and teens alike in their death grip also known as a hug. And the sloppy and disgusting kiss on the cheek which leaves a horrid mark is also not behind. 

Bragging is also a trademark of a typical BHENJI because it just happens that due to their nosy parker traits and attention deficiency disorder they love to show off. Infact they are even ready to show off the paper napkin pack which they bought for Rs. 75 instead of the usual Rs. 100 and that too the branded kind. 

They either care too much about there appearance to the extent of putting on lipstick before going to the washroom in their own house. Or they just don't give a damn to the extent that they have no qualms in stepping out of the house in a t-shirt with holes and a track pant with the string pulled out so much so that it reaches their knee at TWO in the afternoon. 


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