Friday, October 9, 2015

Of Aliens and Aunties

Weird hair style , Check ✔️
Weird faces ( make up and plastic surgery, which makes it look like a melted  doll's face ), Check ✔️ 
Weird voices ( squeaky, manly, whiny, annoying annnnd you get the drift right). Check ✔️
Weird torso ( people should really have some basic dressing sense), Check ✔️
Weird legs (like what are you doing to yourself). Check ✔️

Soooooo, Either you got what the entry's about or you didn't. Soooo regardless of the fact, there's a hell lot more common in aliens and aunties than we thought and it's actually very creepy when you think about it............
Waaaaaiiiiit, What if the aliens were aunties or vice versa or even both ways !!! The world will or is definitely doomed. 
Think about Mars being ruled by aunties, who parade every single day in salwar suits , sports shoes and brinjal plaits YUCK!!! Like ulti wala puke. They would have lipstick on there teeth, their weapon of choice would de a rolling pin and metal ended parandi ( desi hair extensions, brotha ) and how can we forget the famous jutti.  And instead of a court being held, kitty parties would be there and the only way to dethrone the queen would be to spread rumours about her and then move everybody's else in their own support. And of course don't forget Selfie Day. 

And here are some badass aunties giving you some idea ( the rest is up to your imagination, I really don't want to scar you). 


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