Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The one thing that scares me even more than exams is the Open House or the Parent Teacher Conference or as I like to call it Doomsday. And hence here are a few reason why I don't like these conferences. 

I for one talk a lot and I really try to tone it down but my mouth has it's own mouth so I don't have control over what comes out of it and when it comes out. So that's like a recipe for trouble. And when the teachers meet my mother complains about this issue are like a routine. 

I have an extremely short temper and when someone steps out of the line with me I can't take it and the tend to see a side of mine which I don't like showing and it results in a scream and sometimes punch fest. And if a caught red handed I am bound for trouble. 

My mom has a habit of giving teachers full permission to spank me if I step out of line and teachers tend to take full advantage of the right. 

My mom is more social than any social media platform and that results in an exchange of contact numbers between my teachers ( emphasis on the 's') which like signing my death sentence. 

So you definitely can't blame for having a fear factor and if any of you out there relate to any of the above reasons then you'll totally agree with me. 


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