Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Night Blogger

Babababananana (x2)
I have noooo clue. 
As to what I should do. 
Thanks to a friend the only thing on my mind is a loooooooo. 
So darn it friend I haaaate you. 

This was my extremely sad and pathetic attempt at being poetic and I have realised now the writing poems is not my forte. 

Truth to be told I haven't had an artistic epiphany and also didn't have an urge to really waste my time. NDTDA and FGDS may also have a role in this. And the sweet realisation of the fact that I don't have to be crushed by crushing on my crush because I'm back to normal, baby. 

But wait Diwali is here and for all you firangis (it means foreigners btw) out their who have no clue about it, it's the festival of increase in the, electricity bills , cholesterol, excuses to party , create noise, land and air pollution and comment on the late night cards scene to which you weren't invited by Sharma ji. 
Buuuuuut it is also the festival of now dying tradition of sharing, caring and spending time with family. 
But for teens like me, it also means that mummy darling is away to some relative or the others house to give Mithai and that means FREEEEEDOM. 
So yeaaaaaah I'm pretty excited. 
And since I'm writing this at 2 am , forgive me for I am not in the right state of mind. 


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